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Tough Case for iPhone® 13, 14, 14 Plus - Space V1.0

Tough Case for iPhone® 13, 14, 14 Plus - Space V1.0

Normaalihinta €24,99 EUR
Normaalihinta Myyntihinta €24,99 EUR
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Made of two layers for added durability and protection, this Hardcase iPhone ® phone case protects your smartphone with a shock-resistant outer shell and shock-absorbing inner lining.

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- Polycarbonate outer shell
- Thermoplastic polyurethane interior
- Dual layer protection
- Precisely aligned port openings
- Compatible with induction charging
- Glossy finish

For the following models:
- iPhone 13
- iPhone 14
- iPhone 14 Plus

Attention, please choose the right model.
Disclaimer: Keep away from liquids with high alcohol content, as the designs on the phone case may stain. Keep away from direct sunlight to avoid yellowing.
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