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Business card

Business card

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Business Cards with Full-Surface UV Coating

Discover our innovative business card brochure with an integrated QR code! This convenient brochure in business card format combines elegance, functionality, and interactivity perfectly. It provides you with the opportunity to present information while simultaneously utilizing the modern approach of QR code technology to establish a seamless connection between physical and digital content.

Format:                85 x 55 mm
Paper Quality:     350 gsm premium quality matte finish
Color Printing:     4/4 color printing (full color on both sides)
Quantity:              100 pieces


Key Features:

Compact Format: Our business card brochure effortlessly fits into pockets, wallets, and purses, ensuring you always have it on hand to share information about Dione.

Premium Design: The brochure has been crafted with an emphasis on style and elegance. High-quality paper and appealing graphics ensure that Dione Protocol leaves a lasting impression.

Interactive QR Code: The embedded QR code allows recipients to instantly access digital content. You can scan the QR code to access the website of

Versatile Application: The brochure is perfect for networking events, trade shows, conferences, and other occasions where you want to showcase Dione.


The business card brochure with a QR code adds a modern touch to Dione Protocol and enables you to effectively combine physical and digital presence. Stay in the minds of potential stakeholders by offering them innovative access to relevant information. Order today and take your networking to the next level!

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